Digital Mentoring

Due to current events we aren’t meeting young people face-to-face at the moment but we are very happy to chat to young people over the phone! We normally meet young people for an hour a week and through these unusual times we propose to chat over the phone for around 20 minutes once or twice a week.

You can chat about anything! From how you are feeling to what’s going on in Eastenders! Talk about the highs and the lows. This will be different to our normal mentoring but we aren’t living in normal times!

We plan to run this mentoring scheme whilst we are in lock-down, after then anyone that is receiving this service will be able to self-refer into our regular mentoring programme.

We need to receive parent/carer consent so please make sure you fill in all the form. We will send you both an information sheet that will explain who we are, this programme, our confidentially policy and what/how we store information. All fields (apart from the last one are required).